Nowadays, the technology allow us to have three-dimensional imaging of the fetus. The three-dimensional image (3D) resulting from the composition of  two-dimensional images. In more sophisticated machines we can watch the fetus in real time three-dimensional (4D), which means seeing the fetus moving.

The advantage of 3D three-dimensional and four dimensional4D ultrasound is that it gives us pleasure to watch the fetus, the developing baby in real time to move in its natural environment.
In our dispensary, we enjoy the opportunities in a modern color ultrasound machine SIEMENS X500.The couple is able to watch every appointment of the baby in three-dimensional, moving in four-dimensional live in the area and see features of his face!
In this way the couple has a direct picture of the baby, more realistic and more ‘real’ that contributes to further ’bond’ pair with ‘next’ new family member.

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