Time and again, when investigating subfertility in couples who appear unable to conceive, there is to be found no cause of subfertility. The uterine tubes or salpinges are patent and the spermatozoa within the natural range in terms of count and motility.

Hence, in those couples where there is no evident cause to be traced, prior to in vitro fertilization as the ultimate solution we can make use of intra uterine IUI- FSP (fallopian sperm perfusion.

It is a particularly effective method during which the woman receives smaller drug quantities as compared to in vitro fertilization while she suffers fewer psychological and economic consequences.

With a view to maximizing the quantity of sperm within the sample in cases where the number of spermatozoa is insufficient, we can resort to pooling, a method consisting in semen collection in two phases, the first at the beginning of the cycle and the second on the day of the insemination.

The whole process of controlled ovarian stimulation and in vitro fertilization is conducted in our clinic by Mr Bagiokos himself under the observation and care of his Fertility Team.

Sperm process and the IUI- FSP  method are carried out at Rea Fertility Unit, in Rea Hospital.

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